It’s the 10th of the month! Do you know what that means? 10 photographers share 10 of their favorite images on the 10th of the month, so here we go!

 We had our first snowfall of 2014 here in Allen, Texas! So glad for this fellow northeastern friend who was willing to brave snowy roads and 18 degrees with her adorable little girl for a quick and easy snow session. We’d been chatting about for a while and waiting on a snowfall to get to shooting and I’m so glad we did. I just love this little session, this cutie didn’t mind the cold or the snow and had fun finding my little “snow bunny”.

 And I’m going to add that while I’m editing this session, I noticed something big moving outside my window, and low and behold it is this big bobcat. (you’ll see the photo after the snow bunny session)  They are quite elusive, fast, and hard to spot, so the fact that he stared at me for 25 or so seconds was amazing. Possibly even more amazing was that I had my camera nearby and the settings from this little girls snow session were perfect for the bobcat as I had NO time to mess with camera settings! I only got 4 shots before he meandered on.

  Ten on Ten eliz alex feb snowweb eliz alex photography -1856 edit

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