A landscape photography family tour of Arizona.

Our family took an amazing spring break trip to Northern Arizona.  What I loved so much about this trip was all the amazing places we visited together, seeing the beauty of nature together, hiking, being outdoors, and me being able to do some amazing photography, and even to get a few family photos here and there!

We flew into Phoenix, drove to Page to visit the Lower Antelope Canyon, Waterhole Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Glen Canyon Dam Overlook.  It was otherworldly wandering through the canyons, and a bit frightening standing over Horseshoe Bend and Glen Canyon Dam overlook, especially after hearing a couple people had recently fallen off taking selfies.  On one stop my older son was skip/jumping rock to rock,  and I had to warn him not to do that, least he fell and rolled off the edge – it was THAT scary.

We toured the Lower Antelope Canyon with Dixie’s Lower Canyon Tour

We toured Waterhole Canyon with Horseshoe Bend Tours

Grand Canyon is next . . .






The next stop was Grand Canyon National Park.  My son Nick asked that we visit an I lucked out by getting a hotel room for one night at the Maswick Lodge.  We were 5 minutes from the canyon’s edge, so hiked one evening on the Rim trail to Pima point for sunset, and the next morning arose at 6:00 am to catch the sunrise at Pima Point.  THIS was amazing and the first image is looking west from Pima point and the second image is looking east from Pima Point toward the amazing sunrise.  Incredibly both my boys got up in the early morning hours to go with me!



After the Grand Canyon, we went to Sedona for a VRBO in West Sedona for 2 nights.  We enjoyed the scenery, and a 3 hour family hike to Subway Cave at Boynton Canyon and a fun jeep tour.  Here’s one family pic right near Subway Cave, and the RED ARROW marks the cliff we climbed up to to see ancient indian artifacts.  It was incredible!




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