Just me and a couple of Middle School Girls exploring in Plano, Texas

For a while I’ve been wanting to do a photoshoot at Legacy West – the new shopping, living, restaurant area in Plano.Texas.  It’s sleek, it’s modern, with plenty of lush floral planters.   Take a peek!

This area did not exist the years we live in Allen, Texas – it was build during our two years down in The Woodlands, Texas.   This one teen gal was in my son’s 2nd and 3rd grade class – she’s aiming her career towards, modeling and acting and doing a fantastic job.   It was so fun to adventure around with her and her bestie checking out all the areas at Legacy West.   The girls saw several fancy cars parading down the main street, saw certain shops and declared the area “bougie”  – and I watched their awesome TIK TOK dancing, and learned a middle school phrase “You’re so extra”.   Ya’ll know I have two middle schools boys, so getting to be with middle school girls who love being photographed is SO EXTRA!!

Thank you so much to kind waiter at  North Italia for being so kind as to let us borrow and empty mug for a few shots alongside their outdoor counter.


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Middle hood years



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