Our circular tour of Scotland took us from Edinburg, Stirling, Glasgow, the Isle of Skye, across the country through Inverness to Aberdeen, to Stonehaven and back to Edinburgh.   I’m sharing here a few of the favorite landscapes we encountered along the way.

The Fairy Pools are located on west Skye at the foot of the Black Cullins mountains. The trail leads hikers along a long path following multiple crystal clear blue greenish waterfalls of the River Brittle.  In the below image, we are about 1 hour into our hike,  near the end of the waterfall trail and closest to the Black Cullins.  There were crazies that were swimming in The Fairy Pools!

The Fairy Pools are, linked to tales of selkies. These legendary water creatures disguised themselves as seals during the day, but at night they came ashore at Glenbrittle beach where they shed their seal skins. Then in human form, they would bathe in the Fairy Pools under the magical glow of a full moon


A random dirt road near The Braes section of the Isle of Skye.  A brae is a word for a slope or brow of a hill. We turned around at this point as the road was getting sketchy tire wise. As well the sweet sheep were running away from me as I exited the care. Do you see the white dots off in the distance – yep more sheep!


A wee loch we passed while exploring in the Braes area of Skye. The clouds were amazing that day!

The Fairly Glen is located above UIG, it is a stunning hike with the most unique landscape. It is said to be a Quirang-like in miniature – more on Quiraing in the next post. My hubby used to hike here as a teen and he said there was no parking lot, you just parked on the side of the road and there was never anyone there. Well not these days!





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