Welcome to our #topninejourney loop – Frisco family photographer

Every month since February 2019 a group of photographers have been sharing our TOP NINE images of the month!  Check it out on instagram by searching hashtag #topninejourney or you can find me here on Eliz Alex Instagram

A group of us have come together to showcase our 9 favorite images from the past month.  We would love for you to click through and see the ones we’re especially fond of.  Our team of wonderful photographers continue to build community as we support and encourage each other in our art.  We hope you enjoy our Top Nine images, and if you’d like to join us, please let me know!

Just a bit of super entrancing macro images with teeny water drops for some eyesight fun, along with a visit to the beautiful Rock Church with my long time mom photographer friends, hiking with my husband, and my middles 1st day back to in-person school.  Isn’t it odd that we now need to identify different types of schooling?


frisco family photographer