Welcome to our #topninejourney loop – Plano family photographer

Every month since February 2019 a group of photographers have been sharing our TOP NINE images of the month!  Check it out on instagram by searching hashtag #topninejourney

A group of us have come together to showcase our 9 favorite images from the past month.  We would love for you to click through and see the ones we’re especially fond of.  Our team of wonderful photographers continue to build community as we support and encourage each other in our art.  We hope you enjoy our Top Nine October images, and if you’d like to join us, please let me know!

It’s been a thrilling fall to be back in the Allen, Plano, and Dallas area.  The coolness, the fall, the color change, – ahh  my heart is so happy.    And to be back photographing all the families I’ve known brings me so much joy.  I’m truly delighted to have several Allen photographers refer their clients to me,  and so delighted to meet so many new Allen and Plan area for their family photo sessions.

Oh and who knew this little squirrel would just devour and carve up our pumpkins!  Our cats are in heaven watching “squirrel tv”.

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