It thrills me to have return clients, these wonderful clients who found me via a google search. We first met last year in a field near Allen, Texas.   As we were getting settled a man on a bike rides up and proceeds to warn us about “all the poisonous snakes”. I about died, wondering if my new clients thought I’d be putting them and their children at risk. Yes we were at a nature preserve, so it was possible but I had not seen any.  Just in case – I did a lot of extra stomping.

One of my favorite images of her and her sweet daughter just melting into mama for a kiss.  Just love when my littles fit so comfy alongside me.

Fast forward to this year and here we are in downtown Mckinney. I had not heard a peep from them in the past year and upon meeting this time the Mr. told me how much he loved my artistry and their images.  We had a wonderful time wandering around downtown checking out the alleys, the art, the and the scenes.
He doesn’t know this but he made my day!

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